How Clinical Rotation Software Can Make Your Hospital and Nursing Programs Run Smoothly

Clinical Rotations

Running an education department in a hospital isn’t easy. Things can get even more confusing when allied health and nursing student rotations are involved.

A centralized scheduling platform makes your hospital and nursing programs run more smoothly. It schedules clinical rotations, ensures students are compliant, and offers a professional development model that helps students reach their professional goals. Read on to find out more about this valuable tool and how it can make your operations more efficient.

What Does Clinical Rotation Software Do?

Clinical rotation software seamlessly connects the hospital, the school, and the students in one centralized platform. It stores all documents in one location and organizes them according to clinical affiliations.

The way these tools works is simple. Students sign up for accounts that they can access through mobile and desktop devices. The documents they submit to their accounts are accessible to hospitals and schools.

These tools are also equipped with HIPAA, FERPA, and PCI compliance features. They ensure data is secure and processes follow current regulations. They prevent your organization from encountering legal issues.

Clinical rotation software integrates with all clinical sites regardless of whether they use these tools. Schools can send documents to clinics all over the world.

Getting started with clinical rotation software is easy. Hospitals, schools, and students can sign up to receive a login and password and begin using it on their devices and computers.

What are the Features of Clinical Rotation Software?

Clinical rotation software is more than just a student placement scheduling tool. Here are some features it offers.

Compliance: Compliance features ensure that students are compliant with current HIPAA, FERPA, and PCI regulations. These features alert students on what is missing so they can send the necessary documents from their devices and get up to date. They allow the school’s administrative staff to keep documents organized eliminating the need to deal with paperwork.

Online Scheduler: A scheduler makes it easy to schedule clinical rotations. The scheduler will automatically update schedules eliminating overlaps and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Professional Development Tools: Professional development tools help students reach their goals of obtaining gainful employment. These tools store school transcripts, relevant experience, online recommendations and referrals and more, making it easy for students to share their information with instructors and prospective employers.

Screening Services: Look for rotation software that offers screening services like background checks to reduce paperwork and makes processes more efficient.

Benefits of a Clinical Rotation Software

  • Improved Record Keeping:Store hospital, school, and student records in one place so they are easy to locate and share.
  • Fewer Missed Rotations:The system provides an efficient way to schedule clinical rotations making for fewer absences and missed rotations.
  • Ensures Student Success:This software offers all the tools students need to make a good impression on potential employers.
  • Maintains Historical Information:Store past rotations and student records so you can review them when necessary.
  • Increases Compliance:Compliance features ensure students are doing everything by the book cutting down on potential legal issues.

Clinical rotation software is an all-in-one student scheduling tool that is beneficial to nursing programs, hospitals, and students. It will reduce no shows, scheduling gaps, and overscheduling issues and make processes more efficient. Those that feature compliance and screening software make scheduling students a breeze thanks to their information being accessible in on easy-to-access platform. Gone are the days of spreadsheets and file folders full of paperwork. Rotations are easy with clinical rotation software.

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