Animal Review – Movie’s rating and audience reaction after watching it!

animal movie

Actor Ranbir Kapoor starrer Animal movie released on 1 December. The movie got a 3.9 rating for its action, drama, and story. Check more about Animal reviews, ratings, and storylines.

Animal Review

Animal was the most awaited movie by Ranbir Kapoor. Its trailer and teaser have already lit a fire on internet platforms. Now, Animal Review revealed the real image of this blockbuster movie. 

No doubt that movie’s plot is amazing and the look of Boby Deol has booked a different fan space as per reviews. The majority of viewers recommended this movie in their reviews and gave it 3.9 stars.

The complex relationship between business tycoon Balbir Singh and his son Arjun Singh is explored in Animal’s narrative. After a catastrophic incident in Balbir’s life, Arjun sets out to exact revenge on his enemy Viraj Surve.

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Animal Movie Rating

Animal Movie got a 3.9 star rating and more than 400k people liked and recommended this movie on Book My Show. The movie is action packed drama and emotional film.

People appreciated Ranbir Kapoor and Bobby Deol for their extraordinary performance.

Moviegoers who are excited to see the picture in theaters have been heightened by the trailer released ahead of time. 

Supporters talked about how they were left on the tip of their seats, wondering if Ranbir would survive the battle, on X.

Another highlight of the ‘Animal’ teaser was the conversation-starting exchange between Ranbir and screen father Anil Kapoor’s tumultuous relationship.

Animal Review

Animal BBFC Reviews

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has released the first review. According to the review, Animal is an action thriller with graphic combat sequences. 

BBFC has given 18 ratings to animals for extreme red violence. BBFC has given it 5 points for injury and violence. BBFC has revealed that some scenes are showing extreme levels of violence.

A convoluted story of retribution, and instances of domestic abuse. The review gave the violent portion a 5-star rating, describing it as intense and bloody action. Animal received three ratings for menace and terror and 4 ratings for language.

Animal Social Media Review

People shared positive reviews while many influencers criticized the violence and abusive scenes. According to some reviews, Ranbir Kapoor shouldn’t be wasted over well-set franchises or over-the-top commercial films.

Still, another user had similar sentiments. The best actor in an Indian film is back! Majority of the public tagged Animal as a blockbuster movie. Some people also shared that it is not a perfect piece to watch with family due to abusive and violent scenes.

Animal Storyline

With his next flick Animal scheduled to hit theaters, Ranbir Kapoor is ready to roar. Just hours before its massive release, the film’s creators threw a screening for their close friends and family in the business.

RK was seen with his mother Neetu Kapoor, wife Alia Bhatt, and co-stars at the film’s star-studded premiere this evening. Alia’s family Shaheen Bhatt, Mahesh Bhatt, and Soni Razdan were also there at the premier.

Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s film will be in fierce competition at the box office against Meghna Gulzar’s Sam Bahadur, which stars Vicky Kaushal.

Reason to Watch Animal

Watch this movie for the action-packed performance, and extraordinary performance of Rashmika, Ranbir, and Bobby Deol. The music and story are audience-engaging and people love this movie for its action.

Many Youtubers shared in their reviews that Ranbir Kapor is back on screen after a long time and something like this was expected from him. Apart from that, the comeback of Bobby Deol is also remarkable.

Swap Prisoners The gripping first half of “Animal,” an explosive action movie, manages to draw you in, but the second half drags it down, leaving only a well-done ending to save the film. The length of the movie is its worst flaw.

The spectator experiences a range of emotions as a result of the film’s uneven performances in key scenes.


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