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Making a complete and adequate Toronto digital marketing agency plan isn’t an easy task. It’s a complicated and ever-changing balance of optimizing the customer experience, increasing the brand’s visibility, observing emerging trends, standing out from the crowd, creating revenue, and staying within budget. If you’re looking to begin or revise your digital game strategy, I’ve outlined how to implement the Bootstrap Business 10 Pillars Of Digital Marketing (not in any particular order).

Check out this list of the best online advertising strategies and my fellow entrepreneurs and inbound marketers!

1) Business Blog

As I briefly mentioned in the first point, A business blog must be included on your site even if it’s not an integral part. A business blog can provide the customer with value, enable you to advertise your business, allow discussion, boost visitors to your website, and increase the overall SEO. It’s not everyone’s passion or the resources to publish new content each day But keep in mind that “Content Is King” for no reason. Business blogging can open up more opportunities, including lead generation and revenue than you thought.

Apart from establishing your blog for business, you must write blog posts as guest bloggers for other websites within your field to drive more traffic and provide benefit SEO to your websites.

2) Social Media Paid Advertising

Social marketing via media is a great way to build your online presence; however, certain paid ads can help. It’s also a must for all businesses since Facebook does not show posts naturally to only 1 percent of your page’s viewers. A similar trend has been seen on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and most other platforms. You’ll have to pay the price if you’re hoping to reach even a tiny percentage of the following you’ve accumulated over time. The quicker you come to terms with the fact, the faster you’ll establish realistic social media channels.

3) Pay Per Click Advertising

Paid Per Click (PPC) advertisements are typically through Google AdWords for search engine results, display advertisements, mobile application advertisements, and video pre-roll advertisements. Experience and knowledge are essential when considering PPC advertisements since you could quickly invest a large amount of money. Still, they have a plethora of clicks and impressions, which result in a small number of revenues. It is essential to decide the best channels to target and which sites will be most effective, which keywords to bid on, and what amount you can bid.

Google Analytics and other data tracking software are essential for PPC to assess how well your advertisements perform and what areas require improvement.

4) Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is becoming increasingly essential in today’s ever-changing digital landscape. There are trillions of internet websites today, and your site needs to stand out from the rest of them. You must ensure your website is an easy-to-use design that loads quickly, includes precise meta descriptions, has numerous relevant keywords, and has quality, original information. Marketing your site through advertisements and social media can aid in improving your SEO strategy and creating backlinks for your website on other trustworthy websites.

5) Additional Miscellaneous Digital Content

Based on your business model budget, capabilities, and other factors, You should also consider adding other digital content, such as white documents, ebooks, video slideshows, slide decks, infographics, and any other material you think can improve the value of your brand. Each media format could quickly be a game changer for your company. It’s your choice what kinds of wild-card digital strategies or platforms you’re able to employ to distinguish yourself from others.

6) Social Media Accounts

You cannot (or should not) develop a digital strategy without doing marketing through social media a central element. Social media has transformed how people communicate and has been proven to be one of the primary game changers in branding and advertising. Social media platforms give you to connect with specifically targeted customers or prospects across the globe and increase the impact of your message.

You should probably concentrate on social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Other niches or secondary ones (but equally effective based on your business model) are Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Tumblr, Reddit, Yelp, Foursquare / Swarm, Medium, and the frequently overlooked Quora.

I believe that you must cover all of your bases and use almost all or most of these options for social selling; however, it all depends on your availability of time and your budget in certain instances.

7) Mobile Applications

Not many companies require mobile applications, but they play an essential part in digital marketing success. Mobile apps could be the core of your company, and, in this case, you must have the most effective. Some business models might prefer using an app for mobile instead of the mobile version of their site. However, some companies prefer to enhance their digital strategy by incorporating a mobile application’s additional functionality or ease of use.

It’s lovely to be a part of the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It’s even better to gather user data and send Push Notifications to customers. The presence of your logo or any other image in the display of home screens on users using tablets and phones will keep your name prominent in customers’ minds.

8) Email Marketing

Email marketing remains among the best types that digital ads can use. The hype about the death of email marketing has been greatly exaggerated in the past decade, even after the advent of smartphones and social networks. Nearly everyone uses email or smartphones. Most people use them, and the average person checks their email multiple times daily. Many check their email frequently throughout the day! Email addresses are affordable to obtain (usually via contact forms, a checkout cart, account set-up, or mobile app) and simple to separate by area and the history of purchases, user behavior, age, and a variety of other aspects. Cost-effective or accessible options such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact give your business a high return on investment.

Be careful not to “kill the goose that lays the golden egg” by sending excessive emails frequently. Be aware that annual attrition rates average approximately 25% and could quickly increase if you send too many emails or fail to divide your lists correctly.

9) Blogger / Influencer Outreach

Bloggers’ and social media influencers outreach offers another way to reach out to a large number of potential customers. Collaboration with well-known bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers can help you increase brand credibility and build brand equity with your customers. You may be able to get these influential online figures to post about your company just by conversing with them or providing them with a free sample/trial/product. They know that it can help create brand awareness for their company, and it’s an advantageous arrangement for both parties.

Most of the time, it is the case that you be required to pay for posts that feature influencers with hundreds or tens of thousands of fans. Influencer marketing may be slightly dangerous, but there are plenty of positives to offset this risk.

10) Company Website

It’s a simple one. However, you must create a website for your company as an integral part of your online marketing strategy. It should be precise and reliable, safe, and quick to load. It should also be mobile-friendly and responsive, along with a clear Call to Action. There’s nothing more annoying for me than a pricey modern website that doesn’t provide a clear explanation of what the company does.

Depending on the type of business strategy, you may be able to use a cost-free or even a near-free blog for your site. WordPress is generally the most suitable option, and the templates you can customize are pretty flexible these days.

Many websites also benefit from A/B testing to determine which variant of a site or landing page is most effective in generating conversions. Just a few changes to an E-Commerce website could make an instant difference in the thousands (or thousands or millions) in dollars. That’s the difference between a crushing failure or a life-changing triumph.


Most businesses don’t have the resources, time, or expertise to give these ten pillars the attention they require for the best digital performance. It’s not a problem to hire an experienced digital marketing firm to help you make the necessary improvements to focus on your business’s core strengths. Employing a reputable agency will help you protect your company’s image; PNM Group is a trustworthy digital marketing agency that has helped many other businesses in Canada.

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